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A new and fun way to
experience candy!

Fun For All Ages!


Bobn’Beeds are gummy candies!  Think of your favorite gummy bear or gummy worm but these gummies are in the shape of little beads.  What’s even more fun is that they will bob up and down or dance when added to a carbonated beverage.
Simply sprinkle a few in to your favorite bubbly water, soda, sparkling cider, champagne or prosecco and watch as they start to dance around like a little party in your glass.Add something fun and festive to any event or occasion!

We've Met our Goal!


Thank you so much to all of our backers. We’re excited to take this business to the next level!


This campaign was created to help us purchase a larger machine so we can increase production and help make our candy dream come true! Take a look back at the campaign.


Of The Party

Fun for kids and adults!  Perfect for weddings, birthday parties, events, and special occasions.  Anytime you want to add something special and fun.

Share the fun!

Spreading fun and happiness

Our mission is to bring something fun and new to the world. We want to spread fun to as many people as possible!
There’s nothing better than seeing the smile on people’s faces when they see Bobn’Beeds for the 1st time.

Amazing Flavors

BobnBeeds 3 Pack 1.5oz

We use all natural colors and flavors and the highest quality ingredients .  


Where Science Meets Fun

Have you ever noticed how the bubbles in your carbonated drinks stick to a straw? Or how they group and rise from the bottom of a glass? That’s trapped CO2 trying to escape the liquid by finding and attaching to imperfections or tiny air pockets on those surfaces. Also known as bubble nucleation sites. What a fun word, right!? 

Bubble Nucleation sites are how Bobn’Beeds work too! The CO2 bubbles collect over the candy beads until there’s enough for them to become buoyant and float to the top. Once they float up, some bubbles pop at the surface, and the candies fall back down. The process starts over again, and there you have it – bobbing or dancing gummy candies!

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