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Hi, My name is Stacy, the creator of Bobn'Beeds, the world's 1st dancing candy!

I’ve always wanted to bring something fun and new to the world. I just didn’t know what that was… Until now!

The idea for a bead-shaped candy came to me after discovering popping boba at a local frozen yogurt shop. I became obsessed with what these little juice-filled balls were, which led me to the world of molecular gastronomy. 

I then decided to try and create a bead-shaped gummy candy, and it was a success! I later discovered that they could dance in carbonated drinks, bonus! Not only are my Bobn’Beeds delicious, but they’re loads of fun, too. 

This has been a joy to work on.  I’m so happy to see my creation coming to life. To see the smiles on people’s faces when they try it is so rewarding.

Stacy Bobn'Beeds
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